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Forum Authors’ Guidelines

Feature Articles

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  • Feature articles form the core and primary substance of each issue. They allow the author to expand upon a significant subject in greater depth and with more detail.
  • Subject matter might include:

--Interpretation of a particular Biblical passage, including sermons and scholarly exegetical studies

--Issues of current interest about the Armenian church around the world as relevant to the AEUNA

--Ecumenical issues

--Historical discussions

--Issues in current American society and their effect on the Armenian Evangelical church

--Interviews of prominent and/or interesting individuals

--Practical issues in the planning of church life (e.g., fundraising, music, demographics, homiletics, counseling, etc.)

  • Features are typically intended to occupy roughly 1 to 2 pages of type, or approximately 1,000 to 2,000 words. A maximum of 3,000 words is the upper bound.
  • In relation to other Forum articles, features may be (but need not be) more scholarly and erudite in subject matter and appropriate vocabulary.
  • To enhance readability, authors are requested to divide the text using subheads. If not, such headings will be inserted by the editor.
  • Use of endnotes and footnotes is acceptable and encouraged. Endnotes should be used for providing reference information (e.g., citations of works quoted), while footnotes should be used for explanatory material that does not directly belong in the body of the article. Additional information may include bibliographic references, web site references, addresses and/or phone numbers for contacting organizations, etc.
  • Particularly when discussing the text of the Bible, use of foreign language words (such as Greek or Hebrew) is acceptable. However, given the general nature of our readership, words in Greek and Hebrew should be transliterated into English. No particular system of transliteration is required, but please be consistent and opt for phonetic clarity over scholastic accuracy.
  • Provide a title for the article. For instance, the format "Title: Subtitle" works very well for such articles. (E.g., "Gregorian Chant: A Musical Link to the Historical Church".)
  • Please also provide a brief (1-2 sentence) description of the author, such as educational degrees, current position, past involvement with the subject at hand, etc. This qualifies the author’s views.
  • Photographs or other graphics are welcomed to stimulate reader interest and provide graphic relief. For example:

--Photos of the interviewee, preferably during the interview session

--Architectural or cultural landmarks being commented upon

--Maps or diagrams

  • Graphics should be provided in hardcopy clean originals, or as electronic files in any standard graphic format (WMF, JPG, TIF, etc.). A small portrait (e.g., passport photo) of the author would be highly desirable.
  • Email submissions are preferred; articles may be sent in the following formats in order of preferability: (a) Word97 file; (b) RTF file; (c) plain text file, which may also be inserted directly into the body of the email. Send to:
  • If email submission is not possible, clearly typed or legibly written copy may be mailed to:

Vahe Tcharkhoutian, Chair and Forum Editor-in-Chief
1495 Riviera Dr.
Pasadena, CA 91107

  • Submission of an article does not guarantee publication. All submitted articles are subject to editorial review and correction. Unless specifically requested by the author, the editorial changes will not be sent back to the author for approval.
  • Unless other arrangements are explicitly made prior to publication, the author of any article submitted for consideration consents to the publication of the article and waives any rights under U. S. copyright law arising from the publication of the article against the AEUNA or its agents.
  • If the article has already been submitted elsewhere for publication, please notify the editor at the time of submission.
  • Deadlines for submission for each issue are as follows:

        APRIL issue - February 10th
        OCTOBER issue - August 10th




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