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Eastern Region AEYF
Greetings! And welcome to the Eastern Region AEYF!

If you haven’t heard, that stands for Armenian Evangelical Youth Fellowship. We represents all the youth who belong to Armenian evangelical churches on the east coast. Our main objective is to, first and foremost, spread the good news of Jesus Christ. Our second objective is to build long lasting friendships between Armenian Evangelical youth.

We are an affiliated organization of the AEUNA (Armenian Evangelical Union of North America). Some may say we are "the future" of the Armenian Evangelical church, but who can wait that long... Our record-breaking attendance at conferences and our growing fire for Christ shout out "here we are and we are ready!"

Our newly elected AEYF officers are

  1. Shant Orchanian
  2. Christine Getzoyan
  3. Mark Dilsizian
  4. Christina Santana
  5. Haig Kherlopian
  6. Darren Getzoyan

This Executive Cabinet is responsible for planning our annual retreats. Our yearly events consist of a fall conference in October (for those 12 and up) a Seniors’ Retreat in February (18+), a Juniors’ Retreat in March (12-17), and a summer conference in late June (12+). We also have Leaders' Retreats three times a year for training (January, March -with Juniors, and August) and equipping of young leaders in our churches. A new addition to our busy calendar is Camp Arevelk which is held in August. Camp Arevelk is our East Coast camp for those ages 10-15.

Last year’s fall Conference was a great success. The Armenian Presbyterian Church in New Jersey hosted around 115 youth. Our speaker was Dr. Drew Brown and he spoke on ‘The Church as a Living Organism.’ Dr. Brown challenged our young people to take part in this living oganism by ‘Growth, Grace, Groups, Giving, Gifts’.

Our Seniors’ retreat will be held at Magog, Qubec, and our Juniors' Retreat in Salem, NH. We look forward to having a great time together praising God and learning more about Him and His calling for us.

If you have questions please contact us:

Email: arajizmejian@verizon.net
Rev. Jizmejian's home page:


Telephone: (508) 757-5670
(866) 265-9137 pin 6490

61 Westview Road
Worcester, MA  01602-2556

In His Service,

Rev. Ara Jizmejian


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